"Maroon" derives from the Spanish word cimarrón, which originally referred to American Indian slaves who escaped from the Spaniards. The word grew to mean "fierce" and "unbroken," and was used to describe African runaway slaves in the Americas.  Though we not do not agree with a violent means of resistance, The Durham Maroons seeks to capture the spirit of the maroons: to be fierce in our fight against injustice and remain unbroken in the midst of oppression. (Source: Smithsonian Center for Folklife & Cultural Heritage)

The Durham Maroons is an online publication run by students at North Carolina Central University School of Law. We seek to shed light on legal issues that exist in the African American and other minority communities, and empower our neighbors with knowledge of the law. In addition to publishing articles periodically throughout the year, The Durham Maroons publishes monthly student stories.

The Durham Maroons provides an opportunity for students and professors to provide unfiltered opinions and commentaries about breaking legal issues and legal issues that exist in the African American and minority communities. It is an independent newspaper, not affiliated with the NCCU school of Law.


A Student Story will be published periodically. Student Stories focus on a NCCU Law student's personal journey or internship experience. Total of twenty-one articles will be published each academic year.


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