The Durham Maroons: 2018-19 Writers

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Kea Noyan

  • Immigration Law Editor (Class of 2020)

  • She is a second-year law student at North Carolina Central University School of Law. Her professional interests include: criminal defense, and public interest law. I am currently the Editor of the Immigration Law column of The Durham Maroons Periodical. Her passion for public service grew into a life-long commitment to advocacy and she looks forward to using this platform to severe underrepresented individuals in my community.  

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Ian Courts

  • Criminal Law Writer (Class of 2020)

  • Ian L. Courts is a 2L here at North Carolina Central University School of Law. He is interested in constitutional and criminal law with a special interest in litigation and appellate advocacy.

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Ava Hendricks

  • Immigration Law Writer (Class of 2020)

  • Kyle Sherard is from Nashville, NC. After eighteen seemingly-endless years in Nash County, Sherard moved to Asheville, where he attended and earned a B.A. in Fine Arts from UNC-Asheville. Following school, he began writing a column for an Asheville independent newspaper and, separately, running a used book store. Taken together, these positions created an environment of intensive ongoing research into U.S. social history, law and public policy. These interests ultimately led him to North Carolina Central University’s School of Law

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Chandler Bryant

  • Constitutional Law Editor (Class of 2019)

  •   Chandler Bryant is a native of Greensboro, North Carolina. Ms. Bryant is a 2015 graduate of the University of Delaware with a B.A. in Psychology. In undergrad, Ms. Bryant was a four-year member of the University of Delaware’s women’s volleyball team. Ms. Bryant is currently a 3L at NCCU School of Law and has an interest in Employment Discrimination. In her free time, Ms. Bryant enjoys spending time with family, exercising, and cooking. 

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Serenity Hogan

  • Constitutional Law Writer (Class of 2020)

  • Serenity Hogan is a proud native of Hoke County and Hoke County High (class of 2012). During her undergraduate years at NCCU, she majored in Criminal Justice, with a concentration in law enforcement. Her goal was to become a criminal defense attorney. During her sophomore year, I began taking core classes in her major. It was then that she began to learn about the racial disparities within the criminal justice system. The war on drugs and resulting increase in mass incarceration and its effect on the minority community (particularly communities of color) made clear the physical and mental conditions of the surrounding neighborhoods. She was shielded and oblivious to the “New Jim Crow,” but now her desire to be an advocate for minorities as well as rural communities is much bigger than herself. She has realized that she must fully divulge herself into my community in order to eradicate the barriers created by the system. 

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Sakeinah Perry 

  • Student Section Editor (Class of 2020)

  • Sakeinah Perry is a native of Durham, North Carolina. After graduating from Hillside High School, she attended the University of South Carolina in Columbia, South Carolina and studied Journalism and Mass Communications. Prior to becoming a Legal Eagle, Sakeinah worked in patent law at Sughrue Mion, PLLC in Washington, D.C. While at Sughrue Mion she worked on patent applications for technology clients in Japan and South Korea. Outside of school she enjoys spending time with family, friends, and running. 

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Joncherrica Jones

  • Community Section Writer (Class of 2020)

  • Joncherrica Jones is a proud 2L of North Carolina Central University School of Law. She is undecided in regard to her law interest. She is a proud member of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.