By Daniel Brown

Daniel Brown graduated in may 2016 from NCCU School of Law. He was the co-founder and president of P.U.H.L, an organization dedicated to connecting the Durham community and NCCU School of Law students. 

Last year P.U.H.L partnered with The Boys and Girls Club to provide NCCU Law students with opportunities to connect with the youth in the community. P.U.H.L members weekly met with local High School and Middle School students to discuss issues ranging from how to apply to college to interaction with the Police. 

P.U.H.L annually awards the Prof. David A Green P.U.H.L Community Scholarship. The scholarship is named after Professor David A. Green. Prof. Green also serves as the adviser for P.U.H.L. Last year's winners were Leoncia Gillespie and Alton Brown, local High School students. 

Darius Holloway will take over as president of P.U.H.L.  

For more information about P.U.H.L and to find out how to join, contact Darius Holloway.